Marriage Registration link, Verification Link, Documents Needed and Help

Marriage Registration means that you are Married n We are just providing Certificate for your Marriage on the basis of Documents presented by you.

For Registration Related Help Click the Link below

NRI’s Marriage Registration is done under
Special Marriage Act”
The NRI has to apply to the ADM Finance for the Registration of their Marriage.

For Non NRI or Indian resident
IGRSUP link for the Registration of Marriage falling under Uttar Pradesh Stamps and Registration Department
given below

For Marriage Application Click the Link below

Guidance for filling appllication
1. Click on “I give my consent“.
2. Select “नहीं” option.
3. Click on “आवेदन विवाह पंजीकरण
4. Click on “नवीन आवेदन प्रपत्र भरें

Save the “आवेदन संख्या” and “पासवर्ड” generated during the filling of Online Application. You will need it in the future. If you want to verify your Marriage Certificate online you will need your “आवेदन संख्या” and “पासवर्ड”.

Plz Check the Online Application very Carefully as a faulty Certificate can create problems for you.

A. Jurisdiction for Marriage Registration
1. Groom Residence Address.
2. Bride Residence Address.
3. Place of Marriage Ceremony.

B. Document needed for Marriage Registration

1. Photo ID of Groom.
2. Address proof of Groom.
3. Age Proof of Groom

1. Photo ID of Bride.
2. Address proof of Bride.
3. Age Proof of Bride.

Two Witness
1. Photo ID of Both Witness
2. Address proof of Both Witness
3. Age Proof of Both Witness

C. Proof of Marriage Ceremony

D. Affidavit from Both Bride and Groom regarding
1. Both are Adult.
2. That the marriage ceremony has taken place on ………………. at …………………
3. There is no FIR or Case registered regarding Marriage.
4. All the Documents attached are true.

For Marriage Verification Click the Link Below

Guidance for Verification Page
1. Click on “I give my consent“.
2. Select “नहीं” option.
3. Click on “आवेदन विवाह पंजीकरण

Format like Below will open

You will need the same “आवेदन संख्या” and “पासवर्ड” generated during the filling of Online Application at the time of Marriage Registration.

  1. Enter आवेदन संख्या
  2. Enter पासवर्ड
  3. Enter कैपचा

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